From left to right: Selma Gago Zachert, Torsten Gursinsky and Sven-Erik Behrens are collaborating on the project.
© Heiko Rebsch
11.06.2024 in Science, Research, Knowledge Transfer

A profile for the cell police

Farmers around the world apply four million tons of chemical pesticides onto their fields each year. A team of MLU researchers has been trying to put a stop to that using specially developed vaccines. The scientists now want to transfer their research from the laboratory to agricultural practice. Read more

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
© / MLU
30.06.2023 in Featured, Science, Research

All 17 goals in view

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals play a major role at the university. A new research atlas lists more than 450 projects that deal with them - from education, to medicine and physics. Read more

In January 2023, the Auditorium Maximum was occupied by students from “End Fossil: Occupy! Halle”.
© Moritz Peters
30.06.2023 in Featured, Research

Sustainability in research: an initial overview

A new atlas is the first to show how the university is fairing in terms of scientific work on sustainability issues. It has been created under the leadership of the Rectorate's Sustainability Officer Professor Michael Stipp and the Sustainability Office with Frederik Bub. Read more

Ingo Uhlig directs the digital atlas “”
© Maike Glöckner
21.10.2022 in Featured, Science, Research

Cultural Atlas of Change

Climate change and the energy transition are two of the defining issues of our time. The literary scientist and sociologist, Professor Ingo Uhlig, explores how art and literature are able to contribute to this debate and to a greater acceptance. Read more

Ronny Redlich with the new MRI scanner in the Faculty of Medicine, where the psychologist is researching the treatment of depression.
© Maike Glöckner
27.09.2022 in Science, Research

Under electric current

Electroconvulsive therapy is used to treat many people with major depressive disorder who don’t respond to psychotherapy and medication. A team of researchers at the Institute of Psychology is investigating why this is the case and who can benefit from the treatment. Read more

Natascha Ueckmann, who led the seminar (l.), and student Lilly Fuss
© Maike Glöckner
15.09.2022 in Campus, Research

Looted art – a challenge for museums

How do museums deal with objects looted during colonial campaigns? And how do they deal with the demands to return them to their countries of origin? This set of issues was dealt with by a seminar held at the Institute for Romance Studies. An interview with Professor Natascha Ueckmann, who led the seminar, and student Lilly Fuss, about research-based learning, frustration, and overdue returns. Read more

Franziska Leidecker and Jörg Degenhardt froze thyme leaves in liquid nitrogen.
© Markus Scholz
13.09.2022 in Science, Research

The scent of science

A team of researchers led by Professor Jörg Degenhardt at the Institute of Pharmacy are attempting to unearth the molecular secrets of thyme plants – including the mystery behind their distinctive scent. Read more

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