27.05.2013 in Study and Teaching, Campus

Erasmus photo contest: from Umeå to Sibiu

Many students from Halle’s university travel to various destinations around the world for their semesters abroad. A large percentage of the trips are organised by the Erasmus programme. As part of the 2013 International Week, the International Office at MLU put on its fourth annual photo contest. All of the winners’ photos were displayed in the Juridicum cafeteria. Some of the best photos can also be found in the annual magazine. Read more

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30.06.2011 in Study and Teaching, Campus

The Japan Halle Connection

First came an earthquake, then a tsunami flooded wide stretches of the northern coast on 11 March of this year. Finally to top it all off, there was a catastrophe in the Fukushima I reactor complex. Some students from Halle were in Japan as the earth started shaking and experienced the disaster up close and personal. For safety reasons most returned to Germany. But they wanted to help in Germany too, and some have even gone back to Tokyo to continue studying. Read more

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