In January 2023, the Auditorium Maximum was occupied by students from “End Fossil: Occupy! Halle”.
© Moritz Peters
30.06.2023 in Featured, Research

Sustainability in research: an initial overview

A new atlas is the first to show how the university is fairing in terms of scientific work on sustainability issues. It has been created under the leadership of the Rectorate's Sustainability Officer Professor Michael Stipp and the Sustainability Office with Frederik Bub. Read more

Clip from a video created in the project
© Lena Hällmayer / Georg Krefeld
30.06.2023 in Featured, Science

“Social cohesion begins in the daycare centre”

Daycare groups, especially in cities, are nowhere near as diverse as the population structure in the surrounding community. Why is that and what does it mean? Education professor, Dr Johanna Mierendorff, talks about the findings of her research project “Preschool provision and segregation”. Read more

Eva Kantelhardt in conversation with her Ethiopian colleague Veronica Afework (left) in Halle
© Markus Scholz
30.06.2023 in Featured, Science

Cooperation on an equal footing

Professor Eva Kantelhardt is a medical doctor committed to improving healthcare in African countries. One focus of her work is the treatment of cancer in women in Ethiopia and other sub-Saharan countries. Read more

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