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21.10.2020 in Featured

Successful women scientists

Whether in physics, law, theology or psychology, successful women scientists do research in all areas of the university. Who are they, what are they working on? And what are the challenges of career and junior staff development and gender equality at MLU? Read more

Hermann Staudinger in his laboratory at ETH Zurich in 1917.
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24.09.2020 in Miscellaneous, Big Names

Big names: Hermann Staudinger

The foundations for polymer research were laid 100 years ago when Hermann Staudinger described macromolecules for the first time. The chemist and Nobel laureate is an alumnus of the University of Halle. Read more

Were Adam and Eve – depicted here on a Roman wall painting – man and woman? In Hebrew and Aramaic scripture, cultural models of gender roles and sexuality are much more complex than commonly assumed.
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02.10.2020 in Science, Context

Gender issues in the Bible

When it comes to sexuality and gender roles, a fair share of people refer to the Holy Scripture. However, biblical scholar Professor Stefan Schorch says no clear answers are to be found in the Old or New Testament – and he explains why they shouldn’t be expected. Read more